Saturday, January 9, 2016

Using a Biomat for Lyme Disease, Connective TIssue DIsorder and Back Pain

Hey everyone, in case you haven't read my blog before, I have been diagnosed with Lyme Disease, connective tissue issues, hypermobility issues and have chronic back pain. 
Pain meds make me just feel sick or like a zombie and give me high anxiety. So I have been looking at alternative treatment to try to help ease the back pain I have. I have also tried acupuncture, chiropractors and massage. All without much luck. Acupuncture helped but very temporarily and I think it is great for those who can afford it or are able to drive and get to weekly sessions but for me that was unrealistic. So i have looking for "at home" solutions.
This week I got a Biomat.
Biomats are said to put out infrared light which help ease inflammation, and said to help you detox. They are also lined with amethyst which has it's own healing properties. They are expensive so I'm praying this helps me. I will blog about it as time goes by so others can see watch my journey to possibly help their own.
To learn more about Lyme and Biomats VIsit: Biomats and Lyme Disease
My dog, Oliver cuddling with me while I use the Biomat.
I am sometimes impatient and really read the instruction as I was using it for the first time. Make sure you read them first. :)

Make sure you  drink a glass or water before and after. I  didn’t do that and stayed on it for a couple hours as it felt so good on my back, instead of starting with the half hour they suggest to see how you react. When I woke up the next morning I had some swelling in my face and felt really dizzy. 
After the first night I followed the instructions and did much better. By the fourth day I woke up and pain was decreased by I’d say 50%. Not sure if its a coincidence yet of if it was due to the Biomat. But it is definitely comforting and helps you relax. It is definitively relaxing and I love using it right before I go to bed and now that I'm getting used to it will increase the time I use it.
 I'll update as time goes by. 
For more Info on Biomats:

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